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Welcome to Trail Orthodontics!


To all of our patients and families,

                                                                      WE ARE OPEN!     

We are very much looking forward to returning to orthodontic care in the safest possible way for patients and staff. With that in mind, we have a 10-point plan to maximize health and safety in our office going forward.

1.All patients will be e-mailed a Wellness/ Consent Form that must be filled out in the 24 hours prior to EACH APPOINTMENT. This e-mail will come with your regular appointment reminder e-mail. Please fill out the form and e-mail a copy of the signed form to braces@trailorthodontics.com. You may take a photo of the signed form and e-mail us a copy of this form. In order that we can keep your appointment, we must receive a copy of this signed form.
2.All people entering our office must be wearing a mask. We are only able to stock enough disposable masks for the use of our staff so we ask that each person brings your own.
3.All people entering our office will have their temperature taken (no-touch forehead thermometer) and will be provided with hand sanitizer.
4.Our reception area will be closed. This means we will ask that patients wait in their car until their treatment chair is ready. Please arrive 5 minutes early and call the office when you arrive at (780) 439-0708. While you wait, please fill out the Wellness/ Consent Form attached to your appointment reminder if you have not already completed it.
5.Only the patient is permitted in the office. We will make exceptions for the younger patients or those who need special assistance. In that case, one adult may accompany the patient – this person will also be asked to complete the Wellness/ Consent Form, wear a mask, and have their temperature taken. Please no siblings or other guests. Though our favorite part of our office is the family atmosphere, right now we have to sacrifice this part of our daily experience.
6.Half the usual number of patients will be seen in the clinic area at a time, and patients will be seated as far apart as possible. Patients will not be seated next to each other. In addition, we will be using our closed operatories. Our tooth-brushing area will be closed to prevent cross contamination, so please brush and floss well prior to the appointment. This “socially distant scheduling” will unfortunately make finding the perfect appointment time a little more difficult. We understand that many of our patients are concerned about not having been seen in our office for some time. We empathize and so we will be working very hard to catch up on so many missed appointments. We will have to see every patient in the order that they were originally scheduled, unless there is an urgent concern. 
7.At each appointment, we will generate a written summary of how orthodontic treatment is progressing. In order to limit the use of paper, this summary will be e-mailed to you immediately following the appointment. 
8.Procedures generating dental aerosols (removal of braces or aligner attachments are the most common) will require special personal protective equipment and measures for me and my staff. These steps are very important to significantly minimize the risks to all staff and patients in our office.
9.In addition to our already rigorous sterilization and disinfection program, our staff is undergoing extra training to safely work in our new environment and to have the full protections that are recommended by all regulatory bodies. The staff and I will also undergo daily temperature checks and screening questions to monitor our health.
10.We are working towards our ability to virtually conduct some appointments, including growth observation, retainer monitoring, aligner progress check, and treatment conferences. This will promote social distancing. Our office will contact you in the future when such virtual appointments become available. 
Please do not hesitate to contact my office to discuss any questions you may have about our new health and safety policies. Please don’t forget to return a filled out Wellness/ Consent Form that will be included with your next appointment reminder.  **This form must be completed for every appointment going  forward.**
Thank you so much. My wishes for your health and safety!
Glenna Grykuliak   DDS, MSc 
PS – We are sensitive to the fact that this global situation means hardship for many families and I assure you that orthodontic treatment in my office will not be compromised due to financial concerns. Please let us know how we can work with you and please do not postpone coming in for appointments due to financial issues.